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Backstage fun during Fantasia!

Violist Mindy Whitley took these pictures of the musicians having some fun during the intermission of our recent Fantasia movie/music presentation –

Bassist Kevin Jablonski:

Viloinist Gerald Greer:1623685_10204233372344477_1722375245308211541_n

Violist Mindy Whitley:10309357_10204233374264525_6613806248179505539_n

Conductor Vinay Parameswaran:10425856_10204233371944467_3021869873131641479_n

Violinist John Maple:10443444_10204233372824489_512683305389050572_n

Violist Hari Bernstein:10444367_10204233373824514_1230755397186998226_n

Violist Mary Helen Law:10446602_10204233373064495_7296165224648560193_n

Cellist Steve Drake:10487195_10204233372664485_6408502936906408400_n

French Hornist Beth Beeson:10487273_10204233374024519_6563632448394173912_n

Bassist Glen Wanner:10489916_10204233373544507_4793721453483213607_n

Congratulations to the Vandy Baseball Team!

Fantasia’s mystery Sorcerer?

This NSO musician has always loved Mickey as the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and even has a few collectibles. During a Halloween concert at the musician’s alma mater more than 30 years ago, the University’s orchestra performed the work with an “apprentice” conductor on the podium. At the point when the broom in “Fantasia” begins coming back to life and multiplying in the music, every bassoonist and bassoon student at the school entered the stage playing the same melody as they headed for the podium!
Stay tuned to find out the identity of the masked musician.



(reveal: it’s Laura Ross, second violinist!)

End of the season – time for goodbyes

The symphony musicians have said farewell to several departing colleagues in the past few weeks. It began with a reception for our Principal Librarian, D. Wilson Ochoa, who leaves us after 11 seasons to become the Principal Librarian of the Boston Symphony. His responsibilities will cover both the BSO and Boston Pops repertoire.



On June 18, 2014, 1st violinist Deidre Fominaya Bacco was recognized onstage for her outstanding 32 years with the Nashville Symphony as she plans to retire at the end of this season. President & CEO Alan Valentine and cellist Bradley Mansell shared remembrances with the orchestra and audience at the Patrons Appreciation Concert. A reception followed with orchestra and staff members past and present, who were joined by Deidre’s family, friends, violin students and their parents to celebrate.




A smaller celebration was held at Luigi’s as members of the NSO violin sections – plus a few renegade violists – met to thank 1st violinist Erin Long for her many years in the orchestra. She recently announced she would be leaving the orchestra to begin a new career path.