Meet Derek Hawkes!

The Musicians of the Nashville Symphony welcome our new 2nd Trombonist Derek Hawkes to our wonderful brass section. Derek is from Plano, Texas which is ironically where our Principal Trombonist Paul Jenkins is from. They were 4 years apart and went to rival high schools so we are glad they are now on the same team! Derek enjoys craft beers and coffee so he will no doubt love Nashville. He is also an amateur hockey player, and hopefully will be a big Preds fan.

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  1. Paulette Coleman on February 3, 2018 at 10:07 am said:

    Who is the new (to me, at least) African American piccolo player? I saw him for the first time at the concert last night featuring Yang playing Rachmaninoff. I am thrilled! Since Dr. Pigott and the NSO parted ways several years ago, I have not seen any other African American players. Was there any publicity of this young man’s arrival? Please tell me more. We would like to have come speak at our 96 year old art and study club meeting.

    • Musicians on June 6, 2018 at 5:51 pm said:

      Hi – Sorry for the late response! This mailbox isn’t monitored quite as rigorously as perhaps it should be.
      Yes, we are honored to have Titus Underwood playing principal oboe with us this year (not piccolo). As it is only a one year appointment not as much publicity was done about it as there would have been for a full time appointment. We can only do so many auditions a year, and they are scheduled years in advance, so sudden openings are often filled this way. However he is a wonderful player and we hope he can stay with us!
      And yes, there are never enough African-American players in the symphony world – this seems to be the case everywhere, although Nashville has been worse than elsewhere about this. Due to the nature of the blind audition process we can be pretty sure it’s not a result of prejudice on our end, although I’m sure there are lots of factors in this. And I also miss Dewayne Pigg, and hope he’s enjoying his retirement from the symphony – I still see him fairly regularly, and he’s still on the faculty of MTSU.
      As far as Titus speaking at your art and study club meeting, send me contact info and I’ll put you in touch.
      -Steve Drake

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