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THANK YOU to all of our supporters who attended our outdoor concerts. These concerts were free to the public and allowed us to continue our mission us to keep the music playing in Middle Tennessee. We also thank Lebanon First United Methodist Church, Lebanon; First Presbyterian Church, Nashville and the City of Ashland City for hosting these concerts. 


The musicians want to perform and continue our service to the community in whatever form we can safely do so. Even though we have been furloughed without pay since July 1st, we will continue to bring high quality classical music to the Nashville area. We cannot afford to stay silent for months on end. Our community cannot afford it, the musicians cannot afford it, and our next generation cannot afford it.

While we miss performing together, we miss performing for our audience even more. Please consider donating to our Nashville Symphony Players’ Assembly Financial Aid Fund.

October 11th, Lebanon First United Methodist Church, 

 415 W. Main St., Lebanon 

October 18th @ 3pm, First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, 4815 Franklin Pk. Nashville

October 25th @ 3pm, Riverbluff Park, Ashland City

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