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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Musicians of the Nashville Symphony!

We were reemployed by the Nashville Symphony in early January and are currently receiving a weekly stipend, so the best ways to help us now are through the methods below.  Your donations through these two processes will go to the Nashville Symphony and are tax-deductible, but all funds raised through these two methods will be earmarked and restricted to go solely toward the Musicians’ compensation. Both methods are secure and will allow you to donate using a credit card. Any such contribution will help the Musicians in a direct and meaningful way. 

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Text to give


  • Text exactly the following to 52014:

        @NSO #musician

  •  You will receive a text back asking you to specify how much you’d like to  give. Please respond with the number of dollars you would like to donate. 


  • You will then receive a link in a text. This secure page will ask for your information and credit card number. To input your credit card number, use your finger to click at the very left of the box you see after "New Card."


  • Click “Donate” at the bottom of the page and please accept our sincere gratitude for your contribution! 



Giving online


  • Designate your donation to go solely to the Musicians by clicking the first checkbox on this page under Additional Information:  I would like for my gift to be designated for the compensation of the Nashville Symphony musicians.​

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