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St. George’s Episcopal Church announces the Play On at St. George’s Series

Musicians of the Nashville Symphony will perform a series of chamber concerts at

St. George’s as a part of the In Excelsis Concert Series

Join us on September 19, October 17, November 21 and December 13

All Saturday concerts begin at 7:30pm. Sunday, December 13 begins at 3pm.


for more information


Nashville, Tenn. – The Music Ministries Department of St. George’s Episcopal Church has announced
Play On at St. George’s featuring the Musicians of the Nashville Symphony as a new addition to their
established In Excelsis Concert Series. These monthly live concerts will be streamed online to the
community for free, with a limited in-person audience in attendance at St. George’s.

The cancellation of the Nashville Symphony’s 2020-2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic
is not only difficult news for the musicians, but also for the supporters of the Symphony and all music
lovers in Nashville. With the addition of Play On at St. George’s to the In Excelsis Concert Series, the
Friends of Music Committee at St. George’s plans to continue their mission of offering high-quality
music to the community, while also providing financial support to the Musicians of the Nashville
Symphony who are currently furloughed due to the pandemic. In addition to hosting these performances
and contributing financial support to all furloughed members of the Musicians of the Nashville
Symphony, St. George’s will highlight the fundraising platform for the musicians where audience
members can contribute directly.

“St. George’s has a reputation for excellent music and worship events, as well as strong outreach
in the community,” says Dr. Woosug Kang, Director of Music Ministries. “This new series is an
indication of our desire to enrich lives through music, support local artists, and be contributing members
of our community.”

The first performance, featuring works by Bach, Dvorak, and Handel-Halvorsen, is on Saturday,
September 19, at 7:30pm. To watch this concert, or for more information about Play On at St. George’s
and how to support the musicians of the Nashville Symphony, visit
St. George’s mission is to receive, live, and share the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Their varied
and rich musical tradition steeped in Anglican custom is well-known for its dedication to beauty and
excellence. Committed to high-caliber offerings, the In Excelsis Concert Series provides diverse, unique,
and sacred musical listening opportunities to the Nashville community. For more information, visit or contact St. George’s Music Ministries at

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