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New Musician Spotlight: Francesca Bass

This week we feature first violinist Francesca Bass who is a third generation professional violinist! Follow along as she shares her week on Instagram @nsomusicians

Hometown: Boston, MA

Age started: 4

Why I started playing: I come from a family of professional classical musicians. My mother is a violinist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra and my father is piano professor at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. My maternal grandfather was a professional freelance violinist in New York City and my maternal grandmother was a soprano in the Metropolitan Opera chorus. I was always particularly drawn to the violin, and I asked for a violin when I was three years old, but my mom said that I needed to wait until I turned four! I knew from a very early age that I too wanted to be a violinist, just like my mom and my grandfather.

Program I am excited about: The program with Beethoven 4 and 8. I have yet to play those particular Beethoven symphonies!

Favorite Nashville spot: The Schermerhorn (my workplace)! It is truly one of the most beautiful halls I have ever seen or played in.

Favorite non-classical musician: Barbra Streisand

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